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An account of the workshop on Saturday at Birmingham
Celebrate Small Schools Week Advice for the headteachers and governors of maintained nursery schools

An account of the main points from a workshop led by Early Education, the National Association for Small Schools and the National Governors Association. The focus of this workshop was on the role of governors in supporting the strategic development of nursery schools in a time of budget cuts and uncertainties. It covered

  • the sources of support and advice available to heads and governors
  • how governors can respond strategically and practically to threats of amalgamation, federation or closure
  • prevention is better than cure; the role of governors in strategic planning for survival and building support from communities and local authorities.

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Network of 32 maths hubs across England aims to raise standards
Maths Hub This was launched by Elizabeth Truss on July 1st

A network of maths hubs that will seek to match the standards achieved in top-performing east Asian countries - including Japan, Singapore and China - was launched today by Education Minister Elizabeth Truss.

She revealed the names of the 32 schools and academy trusts which will lead the hubs across England and provide a model for schools in their area. The scheme is backed by £11 million funding from the Department for Education and will be accessible to all schools.

We would be interested to hear if any small schools were able to access this provision as the hub schools are situated throughout the country.
Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Travelling Fellowships
Maths Hub The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust has contacted us. They award Travelling Fellowships to British citizens to go overseas to learn best practise to bring back for their UK communities.

They have asked us to include details of their 2015 Education category – they would really like as many people to hear about this funding opportunity in order to widen their own learning and development, to be able to benefit others in the UK. The category is open for applications until 23rd September 2014.

They will be investing £1.2m in 2015 to award their highest number of Travelling Fellowships, in order to mark their 50th anniversary year.

Please find attached information regarding the Education category. Again this year, the WCMT will be partnering with The Farmington Trust to fund aspiring Head Teachers at secondary level, and Mercers' Charitable Foundation to fund those wishing to improve the educational achievements of students aged 5-19. It is worth noting that some costs of replacement staff may be covered, and might encourage teachers to apply, or Heads to consider releasing them!

Below you will find:
  • the press releases with details of the category, and the partnerships (Funded fellowships for: Aspiring Head Teachers and Teachers
  • an Education e-poster, which has a 'forward to a friend' link on the left hand side, that can be circulated to colleagues and staff, or to highlight in newsletters and e-bulletins.
Please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything, or if there is anything further that you would like the WCMT to provide for you.
Thanks to Jeremy Rowe
Danish Liberals support Small Schools For many years NASS has been grateful to Jeremy Rowe, Head of The Lyceum School in Moorgate, central London, for the use of the school for our three committee meetings. It has been a small school, around 100 pupils. It has saved us a considerable sum. Jeremy helped found the school and wanted to establish a pattern of education that reflected a richly practical and philosophical view of what children needed. The school fitted into a former BT telephone Exchange the classrooms were effectively in the basement, underground, no windows. Anyone arguing that quality of education requires smart modern buildings would be well challenged by what Jeremy and his team have produced. In addition to supporting small schools Jeremy has been a leading light in NAPE, (Nat. Assoc. for Primary Education), and especially founding and leading the long-running NAPE Festivals of Voices which brought thousands of children together in London and locally for the joy of singing. This month he retires. Someone of rare talent and enthusiasm, we wish him well in the future and send our warmest thanks.
Update on Small Schools Week
Thankfully the weather seems to have been amazingly good for the event. "… can see the fun and enjoyment we had opening our school to the wider community" We've been receiving reports and photos along with accounts of varied activities….. " thank you so much for your grant to facilitate our community cricket tournament….supporting smaller schools in the area by joining together… working within the community." We are awaiting the remaining photos and experiences and hope to have a full account ready for the September e-news along with photos.
And finally....
We know that this particular stage of the school year is exhausting, thankfully the weather has been kind for most of the time so that outdoor activities can be enjoyed. Best wishes for a well-earned break and hope that whatever you have planned goes well.
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